Although I almost wonder if there’s any point uploading my year abroad photos at this point, I’ve decided it’ll at least be a good record for myself, if no-one else. Which means a rather large amount of photo sets queued!

I’m starting with those around this time last year, so I apologise in advance for the flood of sakura/other spring-related photos…

This could be the first time this blog updates regularly for an extended period of time!

Soupgirl is in London

There were many reasons this blog petered out gently on my year abroad. I would like to blame how busy I was, or the infernal slowness of my little notebook pc (which are both factors), but it most likely has to do with my motivation for updating, and lack thereof.

The title itself is outdated, as I’ve been back in the sunny UK for over half a year, trying to finish this degree!

However, I recently found out a great piece of news!
I have been short-listed as a CIR candidate for the 2014 JET Programme, and will hopefully be going to Japan again in August.

Thus begins phase two of this blog! Let’s see if I can’t keep it up a little better this time :)
As a starting point, maybe I’ll make post some photos from last year, or write about the JET application process…

or finish my dissertation.
Maybe that one.


During the process of registering for our new courses, we were finally able to pick up our results from last term.

How does it work if you’ve already gone back to your country?
I honestly don’t know. I assume that you can find them out online, or some such.

Incidentally, I got As in all of my Japanese modules (though I don’t know anyone who didn’t), an A in my culture/literature classes, and a B in my history class. None of these were udergraduate subjects from the departments that Japanese students are entered in, but all of them were from the exchange student department.

In case there’s anyone wondering what’s good to take, I’ll write my thoughts on the lessons:

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